September 26, 2011
What´s happenin´?

So the Pickman’s Model tumblr suddenly stopped? Is the series dead? No… Actually, it’s far too alive.

See, I had to focus on preparing a print 18-page version for Raptus: Bergen International Comics Festival. That resulted in a print run of 33 signed and numbered copies with hand-spattered covers.

Now I have to focus on making a 70+ page book version for release in November, through Indyplanet, a 16 page version for the anthology Dark Mischief, and a iPhone version for Oxicomics. In addition there will be hi-res .pdf released under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

So basically, the story is this: Until I´ve sent these other version to print(or net), I can´t justify spending time on the tumblr-version. But… The tumblr version will be finished before the other version are available.

Until that time, the exclusive numbered print is for sale at Robotbutikken. For approximately 43$. Is that a ridiculous price? Yes, but I don´t feel guilty about pricing exclusive runs highly, especially since I´ll be releasing the whole story for free as soon as humanly, or ghoulishly, possible.

Please spread the good word. If I manage to sell out the limitted run of 33 copies, that will make me very happy.